Transnet: Firefighter Learnership Application 2022

Consultant (Hazmat Fire and Emergency Services)

  • Parktown, Gauteng

Company : Transnet

This advert is open for application by external applicants.

Equity Statement :Preference will be given to suitably qualified Applicants who are members of the
designated groups in line with the Employment Equity Plan and Targets of the Organisation/Operating

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Operating Division : Transnet Freight Rail

Position Title : Consultant (Hazmat Fire and Emergency Services)

Employee Group : Permanent

Department : Risk

Location : Parktown

Reporting To : Manager

Grade Level : F

Reference Number : 50015564

Position Purpose:

Strategically develop, promote and integrate national work programs and systems in order to reduce hazmat fire and emergency related losses and risk exposures and to ensure that Transnet Freight Rail complies with statutory and international requirements in the transportation of dangerous goods and disaster risk management.

Position outputs:

Execute strategic tasks related to strategy, Implementation of Norms and standards, across Country agreements and inter Operating Divisional liaison to give effect to HFES Policies and to manage the functioning and administration of the Hazmat Fire and Emergency Services for the TFR.

  • Through the provision of a managed comprehensive administrative service of Dangerous Goods and Disaster Management.
  • To ensure smooth running of the HFES; Provision of financial management services.
  • To control and ensure that the HFES functions within budgetary constraints as per delegated powers.
  • Provision of human resources services to capacitate efficiency.
  • Maintain a relevant pre-determined standard of effectiveness and productivity within HFES.
  • Interchangeable on the same level in Hazmat Fire and Emergency Services depending on Operational requirements;
  • Attend Committees and Forums and represent HFES in RSR Quarterly Liaison, National Disaster Management Advisory

Forum, National Disaster Management Technical Task Team, SABS Technical Task team and any other meeting as  required.Ensuring compliance with relevant applicable legislation(s)

  • Research, develop, manage and oversee implementation of Fire, Emergency Services Management and Dangerous Goods

Management policies, procedures, standards and guidelines

  • Develop procedures/guidelines for incident contingency (emergency) planning
  • Enforce compliance with applicable Fire and Emergency Management and Dangerous Goods Management legislation and standards
  • Analyse national Hazmat, Fire and Emergency trends so as to articulate pro-active corrective and preventative solutions
  • Create awareness in respect of Hazmat, Fire and Emergency management processes and Dangerous Goods management
  • Conduct specialized Dangerous Goods, Hazmat, Fire and Emergency risk assessments, audits to identify hazards,

evaluate risks and ensure implementation of effective control strategies

  • Review and update Hazmat, Fire and Emergency Services Norms and Standards, standard operating procedures on

Hazardous Material handling, transfer pumping and storage procedures

  • Maintain the central register on contingency plans / incident management plans, audit and review on regular intervals
  • Compile reports on the results of Dangerous Goods risk management audits, report on findings and develop appropriate

strategies to implement recommendations

  • Represent TFR at external forums (e.g. SABS) and quarterly meetings with regulatory authorities (RSR)
  • Provide Transnet Freight Rail and other affected role players, with assurances regarding TFR Disaster Management

standards and practices through continuously assessing the adequacy of plans and resources

  • Enforce compliance with applicable Disaster Management legislation and standards
  • Develop procedures/guidelines for Disaster Management emergency planning (e.g. Hazard specific response plans)
  • Represent TFR at external forums (e.g. NDMAF)
  • Implementation of legislation as required of post incumbent.
  • Ensuring compliance to National, Provincial and Local Government legislation and policies in execution of relevant duties.
  • Ensuring compliance to Labour and human resources related legislation and policies.
  • Ensuring compliance to legislation and its amendments as per delegated powers.
  • Implementation of legislation as required of post incumbent
  • Ensuring compliance to procurement legislations and policies as per Transnet Supply Chain Services policy.
  • Generate relevant reports as required;
  • The use of electronic means to expedite reports.
  • Streamlining of reports and archiving for retrieving
  • Undertake administrative and lawful instructions delegated by the Superior;
  • Performing administrative and management functions utilizing relevant resources
  • Ensuring effective and efficient HFES service to Transnet.
  • Evaluate the availability of HFES resources against risk protected
  • Ensure compliance to RSR requirements and Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations

Co-ordinate and control the administrative and the relevant functions of the HFES.

  • Perform the compilation of agenda items, their summaries as duly instructed.
  • Responsible in ensuring the recording of minutes of meetings, so as to promote efficient and effective HFES service ;
  • Coordinate asset register for the HFES,is updated at all times;
  • Execute reasonable and lawful administrative instructions delegated by the HFES al manager or higher;
  • General administrative duties falling under area of jurisdiction;
  • Implement and monitor adherence and compliance to Transnet policy and procedures;
  • Coordinate and manage HFES Forums and Meetings

Performs overall management and administration of Dangerous Goods and Disaster Risk Management; and Ensuring

compliance with desired outcomes for the service.

  • Manage and Coordinate Market Templates Application according to prescribed standards
  • Standardize, monitor and co-ordinate service throughout Transnet Business;
  • Daily interaction with management structure.
  • Ensuring full and proper utilization of resources available.
  • Monitor and administer the implementation of firefighting and rescue operations in line with the reduction of Risks posed by

the Transportation of Dangerous Goods accordance with Transnet policy;

  • Utilization of resources through prioritization and evaluation
  • Manage and maintain cross-boundary agreements in terms of TIMS procedures
  • Ensuring effective and efficient service rendering.
  • Exercise delegated authority and tasks devolved by the Manager: Hazmat Fire and Emergency Services Corporate Office
  • Perform the supportive function i.e. the formulation, compilation and collation of HFES SOPs and Work Instructions.
  • Proper and correct execution of devolved tasks.
  • Institute incident management system for HFES operations;
  • Train and implement incident management programs,
  • Standardize Control system understood by all role players.
  • Participate and coordinate en-route risk profile/ assessment

Compile specifications for Operational resources; Investigating available and new resources on a worldwide basis, Ensuring

service is kept abreast with international developments and monitor human resource related functions within the HFES

including capacity building, mentoring and skills development.

  • Responsible for the implementation of strategic objectives, key performance areas and indicators as delegated; ensuring

efficient service.

  • Implement, monitor and evaluate approved work programmes, schedules, rules, regulations and procedural requirements;

ensuring effective service.

  • Establish the training needs, in conjunction with SoR, to address the skills and training of the subordinates within the HFES.
  • Participates in conducting skills audit and training needs analysis;
  • Uses latest best practice models.
  • Achieves efficiency and effectiveness
  • Compile, Standard Operating Procedures for HFES, training programs and implementation thereof with relevant

stakeholders and subordinates;

  • Engaging internal and external training institutions
  • Adhere to the Implemented performance management systems for the section;
  • Utilizing best practice methods and statutory requirements
  • Attend internal and External Meetings and represent interest of HFES
  • Maintain a positive esprit d’corps amongst colleagues and subordinates;
  • Developing the spirit of ubuntu.
  • Improves workplace function together with a reduction in stress level.
  • Monitor and administer discipline, staff grievances and conflict at the workplace;
  • Accessibility to staff and timorous, progressive implementation of Policy and Guidelines.
  • Keeps staff informed and up to date on the state of Disaster Risk Management and Transportation of Dangerous Goods

within the Operating Division.

  • Participate on the Transnet Group Integrated Assurance Forum ( Transnet Fire Services)

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Grade 12 Certificate.
  • Advanced Diploma or B – Tech in Fire Technology (NQF 7) or Advanced Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Disaster Risk

Management (NQF 7)

  • Code 10 (C1) Driver’s License be in a position to drive such a vehicle.
  • Six (6) Years minimum experience in Hazmat Fire and Emergency Services environment.



  • Knowledge of Disaster Management Disaster Management Act, No. 57 of 2002
  • Hazardous Substances Act 15 of 1973
  • National Environmental Management Act No 62 of 2008
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Legislation
  • Have knowledge of Project Management in the Fire and Emergency Services environment.
  • Public Finance Management Act.
  • Disaster Management Act
  • Fire Brigade Service Act and related Regulations.
  • Must have the ability to analyse presented information and situations and reliably respond, with sound decision-making, to

adopt an effective course of action.

  • Must be able to initiate and promote work environment to function at higher efficiency level.
  • Must have experience working in a dynamic, stressful, fast-paced professional environment, while keeping a positive,

can-do attitude.

  • Aptitude in verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning.
  • Disaster Management Act and related Regulations.
  • Fire and Emergency Equipment.
  • Basic knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Hydraulics.
  • Emergency Vehicles handling, operating and equipment care.
  • Fire Department Standard Operating Procedures.
  • National Building Regulation SANS 10400.
  • Relevant Rail Transport Legislation, Regulations, Policies, Procedures and Codes of Practice.
  • Safety Instructions/High voltage electrical equipment.
  • Safety Equipment.
  • Environmental mitigation (Spill control).
  • Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Budgeting principles.
  • Customer relationships.
  • Performance Appraisals.
  • Fire Risk Audits & Management system.
  • TFR Procurement Policy.
  • HFES al Disaster and Contingency Plans.
  • Operational and Strategic planning.
  • Fire Service Training Standards.
  • Training facilitation/presentations.
  • High Voltage Safety Instructions.


  • Computer Literacy.
  • Communication skills.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Health and Safety skills.
  • Mechanical/Technical exposure skills.
  • Project Management.
  • Public Financial Management skills.
  • Report writing skills.
  • Managerial skills.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Networking.
  • Research.
  • Budgeting.
  • Technical Evaluation skills.
  • Judgement.
  • Managerial and Leadership skills.
  • Effective communication.
  • Emergency care.
  • Decision making skills.
  • Analytical skill.
  • Team work.
  • Computer Literacy.
  • Problem Solving Techniques.
  • Safety Orientated.
  • Attention to detail.


  • Pro-active
  • Safety consciousness
  • Integrity
  • Risk consciousness
  • Assertive
  • Creative
  • Tenacity
  • Self-awareness
  • Results oriented
  • Sense of urgency
  • Commitment
  • Trustworthy and honest
  • Open minded
  • Resilience
  • Decisiveness
  • Empathy
  • Dynamic
  • Ethical

NB: The candidate must meet the minimum inherent health requirements of the job.

NB: No E-mailed/Faxed/Posted Applications will be accepted.

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